For Nurses By Nurses

Travel nursing is always jam packed with firsts, and the stories shared by our Workation Warriors have inspired us to try out a first of our own.⁠ We are finally ready to release the first Limited Edition product for our For Nurses By Nurses Collection.

For Nurses By Nurses is a project we have wanted to tackle since we opened the store and we are so excited to finally have it up and running.

Who better to stock a store for nurses than the nurses that will be wearing the products and repping the brand?

For the past several months TravelNurse Canada has been working with one of our TravelNurse Ambassadors, Tiffany, to develop something very near and dear to our hearts that we can finally share!

⁠Going forward this will be a yearly occurrence, once a year TravelNurse Canada will Collaborate with one of our Workation Warriors to create a limited-time product release. We hope you enjoy and hope to hear all of your great ideas in the future! :)